The Prince Philip Scholarship grants to each Scholar a non-means tested annual cash award of 4500 pounds and one Hong Kong-London economy class return air ticket. Scholars may, on satisfying a means test, be further granted up to the full costs of tuition and maintenance. The Scholarship normally covers the entire duration of an undergraduate course leading to a BA degree. Subject to good academic performance, the Scholarship may be extended to the 4th year of some courses such as Engineering, Mathematics and certain subjects in Natural Sciences.

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The Prince Philip Scholarship

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The Prince Philip Scholarship includes a non-means tested cash award of 2,900 pounds per annum. One Hong Kong-London-Hong economy class return air ticket will also be awarded free of means test results. Scholars may also claim, where necessary, the full costs of tuition and subsistence. Decisions about this extra claim are based on a means test comparable to the one operated by universities in Hong Kong.

The Scholarship is reviewed annually in the light of academic progress and is normally extended for the duration of the undergraduate course of three or four years.

To be eligible for a Scholarship a student should either have been born in Hong Kong or have acquired "Hong Kong belonger" status through long residence. Students eligible for United Kingdom Home Fee Status will not be considered for a Prince Philip Scholarship.

All applications for a Prince Philip Scholarships should be submitted by the 15th of October each year.

Selection is primarily by a panel representing the University of Cambridge and including members from the University of Hong Kong and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Selected candidates will be called for interview in Hong Kong in late November or early December of each year. Candidates who will not be in Hong Kong at this time may be interviewed in the United Kingdom.

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